A new ski resort just opened in the French Alps, and you’ve been invited to test out their ski trail which is still under development. You are one of the best freestyle skiers in the world and a Winter X Games veteran. Sections of the new trail are a no-go zone because they are extremely dangerous with giant ice bumps, rocks, tree stumps, etc. scattered around the path. The management has forbid you from trying out this dangerous trail, but you’re eager to sneak in when they’re not around. One day you grab your ski gear and head out to the forbidden trail, with a GoPro strapped to your helmet so you can record some action-packed footage for your millions of Youtube subscribers.

However, things get bad really fast as you head down the path. One massive jump later, you find yourself in unknown territory and far away from the main trail. There is a powerful snowstorm approaching, and you must make your way back to the resort as soon as possible or else you might be stranded alone in the snow. Head down the hills as quickly as you can, avoiding obstacles such as animals and trees. You will occasionally find ramps down the slope, so try to execute some cool jumps for your fanbase back at home. Avoid the rocks and harsh winds as they will knock you off your snowboard, and you don’t want to fall off at this time. The storm is getting closer, so you have to get downhill as fast as possible.

● Swipe left and right on your screen to control the skier, try to avoid any obstacles in your path.
● The ramps are there for you to execute jumps, you get bonus points for every jump you make.
● Don’t hit the trees, animals, rocks, or tornadoes. You will get thrown off your board.
● Enjoy the scenery as you ski downhill, you’ve got wild moose and snow-covered pine trees scattered all over the place. Don’t get distracted by the view however, since everything you encounter in your path is an obstacle, except the ski jump ramps.
● When the tornadoes pass through trees, they uproot them. Use this to create new paths on the fly.
● The main goal is to survive but try to be as stylish as possible while doing so. Zigzag between trees, rocks, etc. and look out for jump ramps.
● As you progress downhill, you will find that tree clumps begin to get denser leaving less space in between for you to pass through. Can you survive long enough to make it on the leaderboards?
● Use the points you accumulated to customize your character. New models are available in the store.
● Check your rank on the global leaderboard