While on a tour in Palenque, a young adventurer accidentally stumbled into a cave which is part of ancient Mayan architecture. It leads to a crypt with all kinds of statues, weapons, and other Mayan objects. Within the crypt lies the tomb of a legendary Mayan emperor, and you have accidentally woken up his evil spirit by activating a trap within the chamber. Now you must fight your way through various levels by defeating giant walls of stone bricks floating in the air. You have been provided a special weapon which consists of a large wooden bat and an enchanted ball that can break through the toughest of materials.

Gather power-ups by breaking parts of the floating walls, which will grant you with shiny orbs that can change the nature of both your bat and ball. Glass orbs with wooden charms inside will extend the length of your bat, allowing you to catch the ball more easily when it bounces back at you. Red orbs will surround your ball with hellfire, allowing it to smash through several bricks in one pass. In order to escape from the evil spirit of the Mayan king, you must destroy all bricks in a level to advance further. The more bricks you smash, the higher your score gets. Advance through the levels, and you will be able to escape from the Mayan crypt.

● The bat starts out slow but accelerates as you move it further towards either side of the room.
● You’ll find special power-up orbs, like the one with a spiral symbol on it which speeds up your ball and allows you to destroy the walls faster.
● The direction and angle in which you strike the ball will affect its path, try to bounce it off the side for maximum impact on the floating walls.
● Rack up high scores by gathering all the power-ups and destroying every last brick in the room.
● Each subsequent level brings a higher degree of difficulty, with more complicated wall patterns to break.
● Grab the X2 orb to get two balls instead of one, so you can wreak even more havoc.
● You are given a total of 3 balls per level, and when all 3 are lost you lose the level.
● The direction in which the ball bounces will depend on what part of the bat you hit it with. If you hit the ball with the center of your bat, it is more likely to go back up vertically. If you hit it with the side of your bat, the ball will travel left or right.
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