You’re a legendary fighter pilot. During wartime, you’ve been assigned a top-secret mission by the government. You must go behind enemy lines and take photographs of a military base. You were supposed to get in during the night and sneak out underneath their noses before they even knew you were there. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned and your aircraft has been detected by their radars. Dozens of anti-aircraft missiles are now locked onto you, as you desperately try to escape enemy airspace before one of them takes you down. Can you get back home with the photos, or will you be taken down by enemy fire?

Your superiors back at home are relying on you to bring them crucial information, don’t let them down! You were chosen for this mission because you are a veteran fighter pilot with lots of experience in dogfights and evasive techniques.

● Tear through the cloudy skies in a plane of your choice, while trying to protect yourself from a constant barrage of anti-aircraft missiles. Use your flying skills to cunningly outmaneuver the missiles and see how long you can survive before they finally take you down.
● Crash missiles into each other by taking swift turns and collect gold coins which you can use to buy new planes. Fly through hot air balloons to get shields, these let you absorb missile impacts without ruining your aircraft. All this while you enjoy the scenic beauty of the islands and ocean underneath.
● Choose from a World War II-era propeller-driven fighter plane, modern fighter jets, and futuristic stealth bombers. Get temporary bursts of extra speed by flying in close proximity to the missiles, and rack up high scores by staying alive as long as you can.
● Missiles are faster than you, so plan your approach accordingly. Rely on quick reflexes and slip through tiny gaps between missiles. Use your spatial awareness to predict the safest path as you make your way through a sea of threats.
● Things get harder and harder as time goes on. Make sure to destroy the missiles by forcing them towards each other before there are too many missiles for you to avoid. Look out for onscreen indicators that give you the locations of nearby shields.
● Execute slick evasive maneuvers in the air to fool missiles and watch as they miss your aircraft by a hair’s breadth. Watch out for stray missiles that you previously dodged, because they can appear suddenly from any corner of your screen.
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