While on a tour in Palenque, a young adventurer accidentally stumbled into a cave which is part of ancient Mayan architecture. It leads to a crypt with all kinds of statues, weapons, and other Mayan objects. Within the crypt lies the tomb of a legendary Mayan emperor, and you have accidentally woken up his evil
The Stonehall zoo is home to over 3000 animals, including all sorts of exotic beasts from different parts of the world. One of them is Jenkins the monkey, who happens to have a special interest in skateboarding. One fateful night, a truck carrying bananas crashed through the gates of the zoo and slammed into the
You’re a legendary fighter pilot. During wartime, you’ve been assigned a top-secret mission by the government. You must go behind enemy lines and take photographs of a military base. You were supposed to get in during the night and sneak out underneath their noses before they even knew you were there. Unfortunately, things didn’t go
A new ski resort just opened in the French Alps, and you’ve been invited to test out their ski trail which is still under development. You are one of the best freestyle skiers in the world and a Winter X Games veteran. Sections of the new trail are a no-go zone because they are extremely