About Us

Jacob Sobolev (left) Idan Ohayon (right)

Hi there, we are Playsive, a small game studio with an interest in developing casual and puzzle games for Android and iOS mobile devices. Back in December of 2016 Playsive was founded with the purpose to create a fun, engaging, social mobile game. Initially, we wanted to create a singular platform containing multiple games for the App Store, but couldn’t gain Apple’s approval. So we decided to release the games separately. One of the things that set our casual games apart from the rest is our focus on developing a strong social component. While the games are fun by themselves, we try to maximize player immersion through the use of leaderboards, feed sections, and challenges. Players can see and compare their high scores with others, while also tracking the progression and achievements of their friends. 

Jacob has been gaming ever since he got his hands on his first PC at the young age of 9. He used to play a lot of Commander Keen as a kid back in the 90s. The first game he created was a recreation of an old DOS game called Skyroads which ran on the Nokia 5610 using JME (A version of Java For Mobile Devices). Idan’s love for gaming started when he was very young, back in 1999 when his parents got him his first PC. Even today, Idan’s passion for gaming has not died down and it has been a big driving force behind his life as a game developer at Playsive. The very first game that Idan developed was inspired by Mario, a game which really influenced him as a kid.

Idan is mostly involved with the coding aspect of game development, while Jacob handles management and promotion. Both of them help each other out whenever it is necessary, Jacob does coding from time to time while Idan occasionally handles the managerial side of things. A lot of work goes into creating each game: character art, level design, coding, etc., which is shared between Jacob and Idan.

We try to release one new game each month and hope to reach a million total downloads someday in the near future. With time, we’ve gained more and more experience in the art of game development. This allows us to refine and expand upon the social components in our games, and we plan to release multiplayer features for newer games in the future. Right now, we mostly make casual games with simplistic touch and swipe controls that you can play with one finger. We are working on features which will allow us to integrate an invitation based challenge system into our games. You can invite friends to play the game, and compete with you to see who gets the better score. The winner will have their results posted onto the social feed where others can see it.