What is Playsive

Ever thought to challenge your closest friends to one on one game, or playing in a group? “Playsive – Competitive Live Social Mobile Gaming” has brought the competition to all the exciting games genres under one platform for all your closest friends and those who you still didn’t meet across the globe.

Never miss out the chance and get your favorite “Playsive” game now. Challenge your friends and other users on the platform and enjoy a variety of games instantly. You will surely have fun playing adventurous and exciting games all in one app.

Keep playing a variety of games with different difficulty levels. With “Playsive – Competitive Live Social Mobile Gaming” you need not worry about storage in your device or search for some exciting game. “Playsive – Competitive Live Social Mobile Gaming” constantly updating and adding new exciting games. Now enjoy the latest game first on “Playsive”.


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